Friday, 4 January 2013

Speaking His Mind

I know I'm late off the mark on this one, but I just found out by coincidence that Daniel Radcliffe (one of my favourite people in the world because of his excellent job in Harry Potter) publicly said he is an atheist. And just for the reason that he spoke his mind I feel I really have to say, well done to him.

One, for not being afraid to speak his mind. He says he is a 'militant atheist when religion starts impacting on legislation'. I got the original information from after a Google Search, by the way. It's a very good article. It made a bit of a fuss when the news was fresh but I thought it deserved to be resurrected, no pun intended, in the face of what's going on around us today. I was very impressed by the way Daniel was standing up so strongly for gays. I think it's really, really important in today's society.

Two, people can get away with being a member of just about every religion I can think of, but where is acceptance for homosexual people? In the article Daniel strikes out at homophobic politicians and I wholeheartedly agree. He did a cover shoot for Attitude magazine and says that he's delighted people thought he was gay. He's been around gay people his life and supports equality for them. This is a new generation and I'm part of it. We're supporting equality for everyone. We want to move past this archaic view of things. You have your religion, that's fine, He'll have his. They'll have none, thank you. That doesn't necessarily mean *they* (or whoever is in their place) think that you're wrong about EVERYTHING, but I'd like to agree to disagree. Well first, I'd like to open your mind and make you think, but if that can't happen, let's just agree to disagree.

What some people fail to understand is that agreeing to disagree involves choice. If gay marriage is legalized, obviously not everyone is going to become gay and get married. Because it's THEIR choice. The LGBT community can then take advantage of their perfectly natural right - to be happy. How are they going to be happy? By loving who they like and having equal status with them. Just because they're different doesn't mean they're second-class citizens.

The last thing I like about this news is that it shows Daniel Radcliffe's rational, fair side. We are human beings and regardless of what kind of supernatural being(s) is out there, all we KNOW we have right now is each other. So live and let live. No gay person is going to come up to you and force you to marry them if gay marriage is legalized. It's not going to hurt you but it'll benefit them. Every worldview I know of says that we were all created equal. So thank you, Daniel Radcliffe, for publicising that.


  1. I'm sorry, but I find it a little insulting, if I'm reading this right, that you think it's logical to not be a Christian

    1. I'm sorry that's how it came across. It might've been the wrong word choice; all I meant was that it is logical to THINK about what you believe. I've no problems with anyone's religion because we're never going to know, are we? I just liked that Daniel Radcliffe was standing up for what he believed in and for gay rights. Because there are some Christians, some, that pick up their religion as a prepackaged good and never think about it or what their worldview is. And then proclaim that LGBTs don't have the same rights as they do. It was just nice to see someone championing gay rights, and I suppose my anger over that aspect might have leaked out and gotten confused. I'll edit it to make it clearer, and thanks for the comment.


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