Friday, 15 June 2012

Darquesse VS Lord Vile

Both Darquesse and Lord Vile will be done in more detail later this month but this post focuses on their chances against each other in a rematch.

First, a quick recap of Lord Vile and Darquesse. Stop reading now if you haven't read Death Bringer and intend to - Spoilers Ahead.

Darquesse is Valkyrie's true name. She comes out if Valkyrie's life is in danger or if she is being possessed by a Remnant, although Darquesse stops her from being fully possessed. Darquesse appears three times, once at the end of Motal Coil and twice in Death Bringer, when Valkyrie is against the Jitter Girls and at the end in the epic fight against Lord Vile. She can heal herself easily and seems to be using raw magic, perhaps that of the Ancients.

Lord Vile is who Skulduggery became when Serpine killed his wife and child. When he came back to life he donned armour, took a new name and joined the Necromancers. He was astonishingly talented and progressed quickly through the Necromancer ranks until he suddenly lost all interest in being their Death Bringer and went off to be a mass murderer, as you do. He came to his senses five years later but unfortunately killed multitudes of people before this, including 'whole battlefields' and Ghastly's mother (Hmmm, I wonder what will happen if Ghastly finds out?).

The two have only had one fight so far, at the end of Death Bringer so I'm really expecting a  rematch. It shows how much power they have between them that they left O' Connell Street in such a state and lived to tell the tale. In my opinion the clash was just a showcase of their talents. We were shown that they both find flying easy, that Lord Vile's armour is extremely effective (Darquesse's force that would have crushed boulders), that Darquesse has the ability to recover from would-be fatal injuries and that she can choose not to feel pain.

Something that Lord Vile should be careful of is the fact that Darquesse said (in Death Bringer) that she is only getting stronger with time. Also, while Lord Vile is all hatred and sadness and evil etc etc, it seems like Darquesse is just trying out her powers and that it's all just one big game to her. I wonder what will happen when she starts taking someone seriously? Dun dun dun...

Next post, comparisons between Harry Potter and Skulduggery Pleasant in anticipation of next month's Harry Potter section. Until then..


  1. do a post about kingdom of the wicked. vile and Darquesse vs. Kitana Sean and Doran

  2. Lord Vile would destroy Darquesse if he really wanted to.(I think the only reason he did not kill Darquesse was because his Skulduggery part knew Valkrie was in there.) The only reason Lord Vile joined Mevolent was because when all the humans were dead, he could kill the Faceless Ones. If Lord Vile knew his true name he would become the most powerful sorcerer ever.


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