About Me and Review Policy

I'm Elle Loughran, blogging as Rose. I live in Ireland and update this blog as often as I can. You can find me on Twitter at @ElleRoseRyan.

I read e-ARCs but paper ARCs/books make me happy.   

I like to read:
- Dystopians/Post-Apocalyptic
- YA/ some MG*
- Fantasy (especially YA)
- Science Fiction (especially YA)
- Some Romance*

*Email me at izzyroselle(at)gmail(dot)com with 'Book Review Request' in the subject line if you're sending me an ARC.

I get plenty off Netgalley too (love you, Netgalley).

I review most of the books I receive, but will generally not post my review if it is less than two stars, as I feel I would have nothing useful to add.


What do you think?