Thursday, 3 January 2013

5 New Year's Resolutions for a Bookworm

I have decided that this year I am making New Year's Resolutions that I will actually enjoy keeping. The things I enjoy most? Learning and reading. This is going to be fun.

1. Don't let myself be too distracted from reading.
Within reason, I want to read a little more this year. Last year I read 30 big books in the month of June but only one every couple of days for a lot of the school year. It's my favourite thing to do so I don't want school to get too much in the way of it. I'm sitting the Junior Cert this year so I have to focus on that, but I don't want to forsake my passion either.

 Also, I can pretend reading is studying for English, although I doubt that excuse would be accepted. My parents once told me off for reading particle physics instead of studying Junior Cert science. Oops.

2. Learn some astrophysics and particle physics.
I'm sorry, but after reading a few books about it I can't not. I mean, it probably makes me an ubernerd but it's honestly really interesting and good for your head as well. And in the Junior Cert I'll just ramble about the basic things and hope the examiner gives me some points for the particle physics.

3. Learn to read my schoolbooks and enjoy them...
Because otherwise there is no hope. How can you resist the temptation to read? Anything, rather than the books you (if you're me) read in the summer before second year and understood then? I mean, I do know most of the subject matter so can it really hurt if I read a bit for pleasure? My parents mysteriously don't seem to see it that way...

I think there's actually a name for people like me, 'spacey'. I have no problem memorizing what I need for school but don't even try to ask me to bring in a worksheet, it probably ain't gonna happen. I have improved lately (I got an accordion folder! You should be so proud!) but there's still a bit to go to avoid my notes succumbing to the pressure to become crumpled and unrecognizable at the bottom of my bag.

5. Update more regularly.
I am truly sorry and promise to update more frequently. In my defence, I only review/ discuss books that are worth it. This means that all my reviews sound strangely positive but believe me, they're not all I read. I hereby apologize and give you, reader, full permission to hound me in the comments if I don't post soon enough. Did I really just say that?

Any big resolutions I missed out on? I should have written 'Study' but, really, why would I write that down when enough people (parents, teachers, friends) are shouting it at me already? Now, I must go do some accursed study. Wish me luck.

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