Friday, 7 March 2014

Cover Reveal - Delete by Kim Curran

Hi everyone!

Okay,  so you all know how much I enjoyed Control by Kim Curran (if not, take a look at my review). One thing I really liked was the cover for control. Today at 3pm GMT the cover for the third Scott Tyler book, Delete is released. So here you go.

(By the way, I totally did not get the whole Shift + Control + Delete thing until now).

How cool is that? Well done to everyone behind the series! I still think Control is my favourite cover of the three (that perspective is just too cool), but they work well together.

Delete will be published in August 2014, and I'll post a review when I get it to see where it goes from Control. I'd better re-read Control, actually, so I can get the details of this one.

Coming up soon, a Water for Elephants Review.

Until then,


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