Friday, 31 January 2014

On An Unrelated Note

Book review up soon, I promise. But first, I take you through my life of late.

Major thing - the BT Young Scientist & Technologist Exhibition. Spent months working on my project for this, got a Highly Commended in the end and had an absolute blast at the exhibition. Also met loads of like-minded people and man, the atmosphere in the RDS is great. Entering again this year!

Briery Gap - Myself and a group of friends entered a light entertainment competition involving song and dance and theatre and us putting together our own show. We performed it yesterday for the semifinals of the competition and let me just say (a) I am so proud of everyone and (b) Madonna, who I was playing, is my spirit animal.

TY - this is my 4th year in Irish secondary school, and it's been pretty crazy. My modules have changed since Christmas; before I had English, Irish, Maths, Enterprise, Careers, French, Cookery, Personal Development, Photography and Swimming/Gym. Now I have English, Irish, Maths, French, Chinese, basically Medicine, Dance, Personal Development, Careers, Art and Tech Graphics. It's a really interesting mix and this module is growing on me, I have to say. I quit art for the Junior Cert but now it's mandatory and I actually REALLY enjoyed it, there's such a friendly, chilled atmosphere in the Art Room.

Work Experience - I shall be doing work experience in the Irish Times from the 10th to the 14th of February, which should be fun. I did a week in the Physics labs of UCD and one attending General Science lectures in DCU. I'll be spending two weeks in nearby commercial labs for the last week of February and the first week of March. On the bright side, I finally have a relatively free weekend.

Also, I got a (kinda) job! I'm now a Stein Study Rep. Stein Study run overseas language courses for Irish students in French, German and Spanish and my job description is to promote them in school and online, for which I get a nice little bit of money per month. I hope to either invest it or use it to buy materials for this year's Young Scientist project. Hope. Don't let me buy sweets with it. Please.

I'm getting back to writing properly this weekend, at last. There's a brief lull in the craziness of this year and I intend to take advantage of it before things heat up again with work experience and whatever else. I do get a warm fuzzy feeling thinking about the manuscript - it's just the actual editing that's the problem. Ah well. Be grand.

Until next time.

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