Sunday, 8 September 2013

I finished my novel!

I know, so late. But I have a good excuse (two actually, but the other one's for another post.)

I finished the first draft of my novel on the 27th of August! It's 100,000 words (400 pages) long, and I wrote it during the summer after my Junior Cert (and during it. Whoops. Wonder what effect that had on my results coming out on Wednesday?). I must say, I'm very proud of it - I've always wanted to write a novel. Besides, it makes me feel good that I accomplished my goal for the summer (write 90,000+ words in 90 days).

I have to wait six weeks now to get some distance from it before I can start the second draft and editing and stuff. Not sure how that's going to go - my perfectionism will no doubt make things more difficult than they have to be.

I'll probably have a post detailing how I wrote it up sometime, but for now I just want to give a shoutout to the Sweeneys for being so supportive when I finished it. Guys, you're awesome.

It's funny, because for the vast majority of it (i.e. up to about 93,000 words) I was very strict with myself about writing 1,000 words a day (or a multiple of that, but never an odd number). Towards the end I was just so elated and desperate to get it done that I wrote around 3,670 words on the second-last day and 1,666 on the last. Both numbers I wouldn't normally put up with, but look - I got it done, didn't I? Oh yeah! and wow, it was emotional when I was typing THE END.

Then again, I haven't actually celebrated finishing it, and it seems like something that ought to be celebrated. any ideas? :)


  1. WOW. I am just IN AWE of you. Like, for serious. For someone your age to have the discipline to write an entire novel in a summer, that's just beyond amazing. I'm so proud of you, Rose!! You definitely MUST celebrate in some fashion. Treat yourself to some luxury that is not a regular thing for you. You deserve it!!

    1. Thank you! :') Well, I went for didnner at my boyfriend's house and they're all writers so they were very nice about it, I think that'll do me :)

  2. Hey Rose,

    I stumbled upon your blog by chance. After reading some posts, I must say I'm impressed with your dedication! I'm an avid reader too, but I don't think I would be able to read as much as you do. How do you even manage?

    And wow. You've already completed a novel? I've always wanted to, yet I never felt I had any good story in mind. I think the more you live, the deeper the topics you can write about. Maybe some day in the future I'd write a story. Some day.

    Anyway, thank you for inspiring me!
    I'll check your blog more often hehe.



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