Tuesday, 11 December 2012

10 Books I Need to Get. Desperately.

In no particular order... the books that I desperately need but have too little money to get. I so want to review these...
1. Delirium. And Pandemonium. And, eventually, Requiem - Lauren Oliver.
This was in my local Waterstones around the time of my birthday. I need it! I need it! For the moment I have contented myself with reading reviews but that's not enough. I need it! Apparently it's really good. Great title too. I normally don't enjoy romances but hopefully the dystopia will balance it out.

2. Divergent. And Insurgent - Veronica Roth. Why don't I have this yet? The one time I had plenty of money, while visiting Germany last summer, it was, of course, auf Deutsch. It is a disgrace for me not to have it yet! Lots of reviews have doubted the premise of it but I don't care. This is a book I want to read and I'd better get it or...or...something very bad and delectably evil will happen.

3. Blood Red Road - Moira Young.
Mixed reviews on this one but all saying that it's outstanding. One said it's too 'bleak'. Many raved. What I've gathered from an amalgamation of them all is this: It is a powerful book. Driven, evocative, unstoppable. Yes please.

4. Matched. And Crossed. And Reached - Ally Condie. I LOVE trilogies, OK?
I sound so clichéd. But I don't care. I LOVE the covers on this series! They are so cool. Apparently the book lives up to those awesome covers. If it does, I will be very happy indeed and promise to review. But please don't go overboard on the romance! After I devour the other books on this list. OH I just read a review that talked about some of the dystopian elements. GIVE IT TO ME.

5. Fragments - Sequel to Partials (#2 in Partials trilogy) - Dan Wells
I loved Partials, I did I did I did. And the end of that was a great setup for this book with the revelation. I have links to where you can buy/ preorder Fragments and Partials here from my review of Partials
6. Slated Sequel - Teri Terry.
This doesn't even come out until ...May, I think? Or am I mixing that up with February? ANYWAY, give it to me. I have Slated reviewed here also, if you look further down the blog.

7. Across the Universe - Beth Revis

8. UNWIND - Neal Shusterman.
That. Premise. I don't know if the actual book will match it but... Yay.

9. Skulduggery Pleasant: Book 8
This book is meant to have all the action and cool plot developments in it so I'm excited. Also, it continues on from that evil cliffhanger in Book 7 (I've reviewed Kingdom of the Wicked on the blog here.

10. Uglies.
This is one that I can get, woo! My friend has promised me it and there will be severe retribution of she didn't deliver. Because I'm cool like that. *No best friends were harmed in the making of this blog post.


  1. Oh, I can TOTALLY vouch for the awesomeness of Delirium, Divergent, Blood Red Road, Matched, and Across the Universe!! Those are some excellent dystopians right there with amazing world building. Still need to check out those other 5 ones myself though!

    1. Hey Aylee,
      I managed to get and read uglies and now I'm dying to read the sequels, so a review of that on the way! I found out that The Knife of Never Letting Go and sequels is in my school library. So I'm makin progress, yay! Thanks for the comment :D


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